5 Things To Make Me Smile

mindbump suggested by Ace of Stars

“What are 5 things you can do to turn a frown upside down?”

I really think it depends on the person and the situation. Like if it was me I would:

  1. Crack a joke. The dirtier the better. Limericks, dirty jokes – anything to tickle my dirty mind.
  2. Play some of my favourite music. Especially the rock anthems! The air guitar is brought out and I play along.
  3. Play some comedy clip of one of my favourite stand up comics. Sure fire way to hilarity!
  4. Have a drink. Beer, vodka or brandy on ice with some 7up or cola!
  5. Eat your favourite food – like pizza! Always puts a smile on my face.

How would you turn a frown upside down?

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