5 Weird Laws From The Province of New Brunswick

No Howling Cats : Edmundston. It’s fairly standard for animal control bylaws to restrict annoying, barking dogs. Edmundston’s Bylaw No. 10R2011 2(a)(iii) takes it a step further, decreeing that no cat owner may allow his or her cat to “cause a disturbance to a person by its meowing or howling.”

No Showing off your snake : Fredericton. Sashaying down to the Regent Street Tim’s wearing a snake Ă  la 2001 Britney Spears? That’s a no-no in the provincial capital, where Section 2.13 of the municipal animal control bylaw dictates “no person shall have, keep or possess a snake or other reptile upon the street or in any public place.” Fredericton isn’t the only city in the province to disssssuade such displays: there are similar contain-your-snake laws on the books in Sussex, Perth Andover, Sackville and Miramichi.

No Bitches on the streets : Fredericton. Fredericton’s animal control Bylaw No. S-11A stipulates in Section 3.16 that “no owner of a bitch shall suffer or permit such bitch to be upon the street or in any public place while the bitch is in heat.”

No mature Trick or Treaters : Bathurst. Until September 2017, it was illegal for Bathurst teens over age 14 to parade door-to-door, and no little ghosties or ghoulies were allowed out past 7 p.m. After the rule sparked controversy, the curfew was extended to 8 p.m., but the bylaw still states “no person(s) over the age of 16 yrs. shall take part in door to door soliciting (trick or treating) in the City of Bathurst.” Boooo.

No splashing pedestrians : Moncton. Hitting the gas and drenching pedestrians is such a certified jerk move that it’s actually against the law in Moncton. Section 2(h) of Moncton’s use-of-streets bylaw states “no person shall drive a motor vehicle on any street so as to splash water, mud or snow on a pedestrian.” The no-splashing law is also on the books in Charlottetown. If reported, the driver can be fined up to $175.

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