6 Days Of Downtime

*Stretch* That’s the only way that I can let you know that I have been relaxed and rested! For the past few days due to a couple of reasons I have been away from work and the office and I can say that it has been relaxing for the most part. On Wednesday night 8:30pm, as I was waiting for a bus to get to Koratty, I got a call from the office – we had a fiber cable cut and the internet was down and repairs were not expected to be done till atleast Friday. We can’t work without the leased-line that we use and so I went back home. I was to go online and discuss with clients on a new project so I worked from home for the next two days for just about 4 hours each at night.

The repairs were not going well and so on Friday it was decided that we would change service providers and the management went to look at other options. So I  had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today off as well. Other than spending a few hours chatting with the agent & project provider I have been mostly free. How have I been spending my time? Lots of sleeping and resting. Been online a whole lot and watching a lot of longer videos on Youtube, reading a lot of scifi stuff and blogs. Friday I went out for sometime and spent a couple of hours using wifi at Coffee Cube and having a cold frappe and a sandwich. Later I went to get some vodka and had some good food for a late lunch.

Saturday & Sunday were spent watching the last few episodes and the first few episodes of Stargate Atlantis (for the 3rd time, I might add). I am also in the midst of downloading the Planet Of The Apes movie series, except for the 1st one which I already have. I have completed the 2nd & 3rd one and will be blogging about the franchise as a whole soon. I’m also planning on giving Babylon 5 a try; lots of Scifi fans have raved about this show and I should probably try it out. I’ll download the first 3 or so episodes and then make my decision about the rest of the series based on my impressions about it. We’ll see.

That’s it. I have enjoyed my mini-staycation. This evening I went out for a bit, nothing big just took my laptop for an evening stroll and went to Cafe Coffee day, sipped a great big coffee and enjoyed the evening rains, enjoyed the fact that there were a group of beautiful Irish lady tourists in the cafe that provided for tons of eye candy. I assume they are Irish cause I saw a Ireland flag on one of the girl’s bag. I couldn’t make out much from the accent (and no, none of them said “diddeldee potatoes” as Danny Bhoy claims) as they were across the cafe from me.

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