6 Year Old

You get to be a 6-year-old kid again for one day and one day only — plan your perfect 24 hours. Where do you go, what do you do, and with whom?

Ok, I am just trying to remember what all I did as a 6 year old. It has been a while since I was that age. Ah yes, well if I get only 24 hours as a 6 year old I know what I would want to do!

I want to wake up and watch cartoons all day as I eat cornflakes and eggs and drink juice while sitting near the tv. After that I want to play, play, play with other 6 year olds and laugh silly until I pee my pants. Then for lunch I want hamburgers and fries and ice cream and then go to the nearest theme park and have fun until the late, late evening.

After all that playing and having fun, stopping for candy or drink breaks, I will then want to go for a Disney movie followed by a pizza dinner or a KFC dinner and then go home and get to bed. Watch more cartoons just as I drift off to sleep.

Kids want simple fun stuff and that’s what I would want as a 6 year old!

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