6 Year Old On US No Fly List

Could someone explain this to me please? How is that a 6 year old Indian-American girl on the US government’s terror watch list? Dr. Santhosh Thomas is at a loss to understand as to how his 6 year old child, Alyssa Thomas, came to be on that list. The doctor was informed of this when is family were embarking on a recent trip from Cleveland to Minneapolis. When he asked the ticket agent as to how come, the only reply he got was “Well, she’s on the list!”

They were allowed to fly that day but were informed to contact the US Dept. of Homeland Securities to clear up this matter. A flabbergasted Dr. Thomas states that the worst his young child could have done is to threaten her sister during a bout of sibling quarrels that most kids go through, but was that enough to have Homeland Securities get involved as to put her on a watch list? The family then received a letter from the government addressed to little Alyssa telling her that nothing has changed in her file and that she is still on the list.

How stupid can a governmental agency get? What possible harm can she do? The kid has been traveling on planes since she was 2 months old. What did she do? Poop a few many times while in the air?

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