7 Things I Love To Do That Genuinely Bring Me Joy And Happiness

List 7 things you love to do that genuinely bring you joy and happiness.

  1. Listening to my favourite songs from my favourite artists & bands and/or watching live concert clips from my favourite bands & artists .
  2. Watching comedy clips from tv shows or movies or any good standup comic. Sure to make me smile and laugh.
  3. Seeing puppies & dogs, whether face to face or on videos. Especially Golden Retrievers and Labradors but a lot of other breeds as well. Silly videos and endearing ones always makes me feel good.
  4. Watching my favourite vloggers when they have a new video out. Always makes me eager to watch it and enjoy the latest.
  5. Watching Star Trek tv shows, movies or anything related to Star Trek – that is sure to make me so happy. Just listening to those theme music pieces swells me up with joy.
  6. Watching great moments in sports like tennis, wrestling, NHL and football. Special times throughout the past years!
  7. Some kids who are really sweet and cute and who bring joy to everyone.

Prompt from DAILY JOURNALING PROMPTS – FEBRUARY 2022 at Krafty Planner

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