8 Months Of W@H Over

The new normal. When people started using this term, I think it was April that I had noticed it, I was all “pish tosh”! “Are you jumping the gun? I mean it’s only been a couple of weeks and already you have started creating this term. Things will go back to normal in a couple of months!” How naive was I!

It’s because I had never experienced anything like this and neither had you to be honest. We haven’t had such a pandemic affect human lives in over 10 years. And now I don’t know when things will change. People are talking about a possible anti-virus drug or two in the works but that is gonna take a long time to have everyone covered. This is the new norm till that happens. I do not see us going to normal until possible 2023! At best and I think that is being very, very positive.

Meanwhile, life is spent mostly indoors unless it is necessary to go out. Groceries are mostly delivered to us, medicine is delivered to us. A couple of times a month I go out mainly just so I can go out and not go crazy. I also use these opportunities to go and buy beer and maybe some vodka or something. To dull the boredom. I don’t mind the working from home – as long as I am not bothered during the rest of the hours – and I would like to continue working from home for the rest of my career.

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