9 Months Old Baby Charged With Attempted Murder In Pakistan

This just in : A nine-month-old child was booked by Lahore police for the alleged attempted murder of a police officer and was even presented before a session judge’s court on Thursday.

The ‘accused’ was granted an interim bail after he appeared in Judge Rafaqat Ali’s court with his grandfather, Muhammad Yaseen. However, the infant started crying in the court when his grandfather held his thumb to dip it in ink and put its print on the bail bonds – since the tot could not sign it himself. According to the FIR, the baby, along with his uncles and grandfather, attacked the police officers, bailiff team and some Sui gas employees with wooden rods and pelted them with stones. While the infant was being formally charged during Thursday’s hearing, he was busy suckling on his pacifier.

A police team along with a bailiff and some Sui gas employees raided Muhalla Thanedaran to sever gas connections of houses that had not paid their dues, the FIR reads. Muhammad Yaseen, his sons Irfan and Imran as well as Imran’s son, first pelted stones at them and then attacked them with wooden clubs, causing the police team and Sui gas employees to run for their lives. ASI Kashif, the complainant, said the accused caught him and beat him up, giving him a head injury. They also threatened to kill him, he claimed in the FIR. Police lodged the FIR against all of Muhammad Yaseen’s family members, which unilaterally also included Imran’s son. But they did not bother to find out that Imran only has one child, his nine-month-old son, whom Yaseen then brought to court for the hearing. “He was nominated in the FIR so I took the child to court,” he told The Express Tribune.

9 month old baby. 9 months – not 9 years old, not 19, not 29 not even fucking 90 years but a 9 month old baby was charged by the police because in the fucking FIR the plaintiff claims that it was “all of Muhammad Yaseen’s family members” and since Imran had only one son, he was automatically charged as well and brought to the court for the hearing. Police were quick enough to shift the blame on the plaintiff of the FIR, ASI Kashif, saying they did not know that one of the accused was a child. Taking action, DIG Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar has ordered the suspension of ASI Kashif for lodging an FIR against an infant, but the move was taken only after the nine-month-old ‘suspect’ got bail from the judge.

How stupid can you guys be? Common sense should have prevailed but these morons had that missing!

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