A Childhood Memory Which Includes A Bollywood Song

A childhood memory

I remember my friends who were my neighbours as well. When my family lived in Kuwait they and their parents lives right opposite our apartment for many, many years – 11 of which I was alive. The girl was a year older than me and the boy was 2 years younger than me. Along with the other kids in the building we played a lot of games together and spent a lot of time watching tv together; like cartoons and tv shows.

One particular afternoon sticks in my mind about the 3 of us in their apartment playing the games we did. After having watched the Amithab Bachchan & Hema Malini starer Satte Pe Satta we decided to play out some of the scenes in the movies. What I especially remember is me and the sister lip syncing to one of the songs and walking around like in the movie while her brother, played several characters spying on us and hiding behind the furniture.

I dunno why but this scene played out in my memories when I was lying in bed this weekend and for some reason I was thinking about my childhood. I haven’t seen them since 1990 and am barely in touch with the brother on Facebook. But I do miss my childhood fun days.

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