• Whew, this month went by very slowly and it’s one that I am not sad to say goodbye to.
  • I completed the training batch for a set of new hire employees by the 8th of July and then the following Monday, I attended the TTT for a new process that our clients were giving us to work on.
  • However my mother had started showing signs of being infected with Covid-19 on the 9th and by Monday it was confirmed. The same day dad started getting a fever & cough and I had him test and we got to know that he was positive as well.
  • While trying to get ready he slipped and hurt his left arm and strained his leg muscle. I had to help him get up with the help of our neighbour and we managed to get him to walk a little bit and then he sat in a chair. We arranged an ambulance to get to a hospital and my sister went with him.
  • And then by that night, I fell ill with a fever and the next day I got it confirmed that I was infected too. For the next 2 days I was alone at home but managed to do fine by myself as the worst part of being ill came by the weekend. In total I was on leave for 8 working days plus 2 weekends for a rest.
  • I restarted work by the 25th and it has been a pain in the arse for the week. I couldn’t wait for the weekend.

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