• I haven’t gone out at all during the month. Stayed in full time, worked during the weekdays and relaxed during the weekends.
  • I had planned to see a doctor for my ear stuff but I haven’t gone yet. I had also planned to go last Monday for a haircut and set an appointment, however I woke up tired and hence decided not to go.
  • We had an additional day off / holiday in between which I spent watching the new Minions & Gru movie and did nothing else.
  • I discovered that my favourite snacks at the moment are cream biscuits. Off all the things to get addicted to. I especially love to have them at night while watching tv shows; for some reason sitcoms.
  • Work has been hectic of late. Trainings everyday plus a lot of unnecessary data on Excel sheets as well as one really stupid software application. Indian corporate companies!
  • Having completed my rewatch of Corner Gas, I have started on The Big Bang Theory as my weekday sitcom watching as a post work relaxation. I am also on season 13 of CSI and enjoying Season 3 of Star Trek : Lower Decks which is currently airing.
  • Planning to watch Automan, Miss Marvel & She-Hulk this month. I am due to watch the two Marvel shows and love to rewatch the old 80s show.

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