A Mixture That Is Sweet, Salty & Even A Bit Tangy

Deliciously sweet and sour, this mix of fried green peas, boondi, lemon sev and classic namkeen is an extraordinary treat to your senses. Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha snack is one of India’s best-selling snacks. It is a sweet and spicy blend of chickpea flour noodles, puffed rice, green peas and peanuts. This is the perfect snack for those who cannot eat anything spicy and still want a flavorful snack! Though in the South of India we prefer more savoury and at times spicy snacks with our tea or coffee, this one is a treat for the taste buds and I love it.

Mixture is what we usually call it in Kerala and true to it’s name it is a mixture of stuff. But yeah this one might be more palatable for foreigners and those who are not used to the spiciness that we in Kerala usually like. And I must say that I usually go for Haldirams for their sweets but their spicy & tangy peanuts and these Khatta Meeta mixture are the bomb. As I type this I am munching on some in a bowl while I have my evening coffee. I would advise to buy the bigger 1kg bag or bags and keep them stored in a cool place.

Ingredients: Bengal Gram flour(34%), Rice Flakes(22%), Split Bengal (12%), Refined Palmolein Oil, Sago (6%), Peanut(6%), Lensils(5%), Sugar, Salt, Green Chilli Peas(1%), Red Chilli, Turmeric and Citric Acid (330)

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