A Nice Cuppa

When watching an English show or movie and British & Irish folk on Youtube (strange but that is the combination of my watching them) I am always drawn towards the differences between them and the usual American shows, movies and Youtube channels, especially since the latter is way more.

One of the differences is how many times you hear a character (or on Youtube, a person to another) say to another one “How about a nice cuppa tea?” Not cup of, but cuppa – the proper British way to say it. Anytime it’s cold or raining or someone is ill or upset or tired or just plain British (LOL, I love that last one even if I just came up with it myself) then there is someone or the other offering to make “you a nice cuppa”. I find that so calming and comforting.

I don’t drink much tea myself. I love ice tea and on a hot day I might prefer a cranberry or lemon ice tea. I don’t really like much hot tea with milk but will drink hot black tea with a squeeze of lemon in it if I have an upset tummy. Maybe I should start drinking more tea.

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