A Review Of My 2007 Wishlist

Now that we are on the cusp of the new year, it’s time for me to review my wishlist for 2007 that I typed on the 3rd of January this year. You can see the original post here.

  • Get my own website started with my own domain account – Check :)
  • Get a new job or get changes implemented for in my current one – Check
  • Get a raise – it’s been 3 frickin’ years – Check
  • Lose weight ….. ahem! No comment
  • Move away from family I wish, oh I wish
  • Find soulmate I wonder if I will ever find her
  • Get married…..preferably to soulmate The bachelorhood persists
  • Get a Blackberry – my current company does not offer them but the one I just interviewed with, does! It costs a lot hence I nixed the idea for the time being
  • Learn to cook something other than eggs & instant noodles I lol at that
  • Organize my stuff much better :P
  • Save a lot more money than I am doing now Yeah, about 10 bucks more!!

So there you have it. The first three things got done so quickly, that I got real optimistic. But with the following months there came a downward trend and hit an all time low in April. April 2007 was one of worst months of my life, even though I laugh at it now. I don’t ever want to be there again.

And it’s now time for a new list!

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