A Socialist, Atheist Humanist’s Dream For All Humankind

If you could invent anything to help other people, what would you create?

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it until I find something better – but we could use replicators! Like the ones that you see in Star Trek and I would want it to be wide spread and readily available to everyone across the globe. You cannot allow big corporates or governments to run them – I don’t trust them. We will have to have independent bodies of governance for these replicators. If possible everyone should get homes enabled with the replicators for food & drink and clothes with other materials separate.

Think about it; we could wipe out poverty, hunger, homelessness in one giant swoop. We would no longer have anyone hungry if I could come up with one replicator that can then conjure up replicators for all. So you can replicate parts for big homes for everyone. No homelessness! Food and drink – and most importantly, all kinds of food and drink so you have all the choice in the world – without having to cook will be available, so no one goes hungry. Build that house, get some luxury in your life and sleep in peace after a nice meal.

So clean home and clothes and shelter, food and drink – all essentials met. Illness basically eradicated as everyone has access to the latest medicines. Your pets all save and well fed and lying on cozy beds right next to you in your rooms. What more could anyone ask for?

Prompt from 30 Thoughtful September Writing Prompts (List #1) at Journal Buddies

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