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Hot, hot evening. Had a somewhat productive day. I usually enjoy working on Fridays but I just wish that we had two days off in a week. I stayed at the office till 8 pm after which 3 of us took a company cab that dropped us off at our respective homes.

download harriet the spy dvd twilight zone the movie movie download I have a question and I hope that my few readers will all give me honest answers to it. The question is :

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If you were given the oppurtunity to move to another city / town where you would make a lot of money, lots of perks, lots of career growth opportunities and essentially make a name for yourself, would you take it up if it also meant that you would have no social life to speak off and you couldn’t see your family & friends for a couple of years?

The answer as far as I am concerned is that, yes I would. Now, what’s your take on it?

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10 thoughts on “A Work Related Question

  1. I would — and I think I did. It definitely was for career growth and opportunities. I haven’t seen my family in 3 and a half years in order to achieve my goals. Hopefully, it will be worth it. So far, it’s been good.

  2. Two different answers by 2 of my newest readers :) It’s a choice we all must make for our selves.

  3. well it depends on what your priorities in life are… work or people? Money or social? at this point of my life the answer would be “no” because i’m soon ready to retire from the crazy city life, but for others it may be “hell yes!”

    are you considering this for yourself?…

  4. My answer would be no, as money and stuff does not bring you happiness. I have seen this last week, how it can all be taken away from you.

    We need our family and friends, they are the most valuable asset we will ever have!

  5. Thanks ladies for all of your answers. I will obviously weigh in these points as well before I take up my decision.

    Yes Techno – In a few weeks I will be asked if I would like to move and contribute to a new venture for the company. The carrot that they will dangle is the money and I will definitely ask for a substantial raise & perks before I even consider the transfer.

    Cause I’ve seen what some people get without doing anything and I want that – only, I’m willing to work hard as well.

  6. Hi Roshan. I think it comes down to… do you want to be happy? This opportunity doesn’t seem even close to happiness. A wise instructor told us that happiness IS the number and depth of our human relationships. If this is you getting paid to go to jail, it doesn’t sound like a good deal. If you can make new friends and visit with existing friends and family every few months if not more frequently, then go for it.

    I work 34 hours a week now instead of 40 and, granted I don’t make as much because of that, I buy less and I get to spend my time with the people that matter. At the same time my job is meaningful, too. Happiness, job satisfaction and low stress are all crucial to productivity and quality of life. I don’t know what your situation is but the gist of it is choose carefully when you bargain with life’s essentials. Good luck!

  7. I guess at this moment perhaps staying with family also means that I’ll move up the corporate ladder rather slowly compared to others. I don’t actually like big corporates but this seems the best way to make some money now and save it for later.

    Also – welcome to my blog Erika :)

  8. I think that’s a smart decision. Let’s look at it this way… rich and unhappy, or … not-rich and happy? I’m not saying it’s impossible to have your cake and eat it too, but at this time in your life it looks like it. Wealth is not defined by money. But we need it, and granted one has to make money to save money, but one can also spend less money to save money ;) Again I don’t know your situation, but shit’s hitting the fan worldwide and I was unemployed half the year! Follow your heart not your wallet and you’ll be successful.

    Thanks :) It was nice to hear from you.

    So, you’ve got a bunch of Canadian bloggers on your list, some of whom in my city. How did that interest start? (Hah, someone from my city’s on your site right now! Crazy.) Write me back at my blog?

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