About Blogging Full-time And Why I Can’t Do It For Now

Write about blogging full-time. If you aren’t already a full-time blogger, is it something you’d ever aspire to do?

I wish I could do that. Well I could but I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills. See during the time of November 2018 till August of 2020 I was getting a lot of money from sponsored posts that I was getting from mainly 2 agencies. They would send me content and images on various topics, with links to their clients’ business website and I could make some changes to the format and the images if I wanted to and then upload it within 48 hours. It was a good side business for that time and I got some nice chunk of cash for the little work that I did. It was very stable for a while and even during the first few months of the pandemic I was getting a steady flow of side income.

If only that had continued. To be honest I was hoping that there would be 1 or 2 more agencies who could give me steady work to do as I wanted to branch out but it didn’t happen. I did manage to get one more agency to give me some stuff to do but it isn’t paying much. If I had the same flow of posts and articles, and especially the money for doing so, that I had especially during the first 6 months of 2020, I would so quit my job as they pay would be more than what I am currently getting as my salary – almost double what I am getting paid.

So yeah I would so love to do that and get paid to blog full time. As in 2-3 posts per day and get a nice big fat cheque at the end of the month for it. Who gets cheques anymore – a nice load of money into my bank account via PayPal (which is how I have been getting paid) every month so I can afford to quit my regular job and live the comfortable life as GBP & USD into INR is always  very beneficial for us.


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