Air Guitar & Heart Felt Ballads

I feel so shitty right now; things that I promised myself that I would never do again are being done by me. Why is it that this is an easy promise to break? I don’t do it on purpose, rather it creeps on me quite unnoticed and catches me by surprise and makes me scream “Oh shit, not again”. Why is it so?

    I have not been myself the past few days. Or rather, I went back to the old me, the one I don’t like. The me I become once in a while and who gets me down. I can’t wait to get rid of this phase. It is a waste of energy, time, thought and sleep.

    Akhil & I went to another section of our company today, to check out the recruitment and initial training process and offer feedbacks based on our findings. I was all for getting out of the call floor. So we met there and observed the process happening there, since this is done by an external agency. Got to meet a couple of the trainers that have been hired for this process and the girl was a knockout and a babe and if she became President she would be called Baberaham Lincoln. :P

    Song for the day – “When Love And Hate Collide” – DEF LEPPARD

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