Almost A Perfect Score

There might be a recession right now. And like i mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m still due my promotion hike even though I got promoted 7 months ago. The company puts up the sad picture of the market and the state of India & the rest of the world. They show me sad trends and depressing looking figures; meanwhile the VPs, GMS & DGM are travelling in first class flights and staying in the poshest hotels and eating expensive meals and charging it to the company!

So, it’s sad and we are told to hold on. Ofcourse the work doesn’t let up! Oh no, that they can’t stop piling up on you. Every month there are atleast 2 to 3 different reports or some project or some extra stuff. The demands of the job just keeps going up. Expectations are also up. How fucking hypocritical! I don’t see any VP or GM telling us “Guys, markets are down, stocks are down, we don’t make as much as we used to. So we can’t increase your pay or promote you or get you what you deserve. So let’s lighten your load and give you guys some free time as well. Cheer up!”

quid pro quo movie download Fat chance of that happening in the corporate world. Well, here’s what me and my team have done. Despite being let down so many times by the management, we rocked it! Yeah, January was a milestone for my department. We rocked the show! We killed. We have a scorecard and for the first time ever, out of 19 different centers, we scored 99%! That’s the highest ever. I think 100% is pure crap since no one or no team is that perfect but I also noticed that if we had one more point in one of the parameters we would have scored 100% (as the weightage is higher for that parameter).

So there. Fucking awesome. That’s what I think of your recession and your bullshit!

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