Alone In A Crowd

I sometimes feel lost in a crowd. Do you also feel the same?

Seriously, I used to thrive in groups with lots of people. Not so much anymore. I always watch what I am going to say and think it over in my mind a couple of times. That takes up too much time, by the time I am ready to speak my two cents on the topic, the discussion would have turned in another direction. So I don’t say anything at all. Or wait for another opportunity and voice my ideas later.

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Sometimes I can fake it and seem comfortable in front of a crowd. Heck, I’m a trainer so I have to do that. But I prefer it if the class is less than 8 people. I can give them each as much individual attention as possible, the results will speak for themselves. I sound more confident and the sessions flow smoothly. If the room is crowded I am guarded about what I am about to say and have to strain my voice as well.

But coming back, I like to do brain-storming when there are 10 or less people in the room. And if the room is small then it is better. I am not sure how I would do if my job or promotion depended on my performance and I don’t get noticed in a crowd. Might be lost in the chaos.

Song for the day – “I’m With You” – AVRIL LAVINGE

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