Am I Missing Out? Quite A Lot Actually!

Are there any parts of the holiday season that are hard or difficult?  How do you handle them?

Well there always is the FOMO part. The fear of missing out on parties, a lot of fun, a holiday vacation where there is much enjoyment to have. New experiences, new sights, new sounds and smells.

What about the joy of being with a woman who loves you and who married you and who you raise your kids with? The joy of holidays is always multiplied when you are with a loving family and when you can share in the fun stuff together. This is something that has troubled me for a long time and my heart feel heavy everytime I think about it.

So how do I handle the sadness? I just manage it the best that I can. I indulge myself a little, take care of the parents, wishing my relatives, meeting a couple of friends if I can and watching romcoms. And at night I go to sleep wishing that I didn’t feel so alone.

Prompt from 31 Fun December Writing Prompts at Journal

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