American Idol Guests Screw Stairway 2 Heaven

I only have a passing interest in American Idol. There is some genuine talent and some really good songs sung by some really good singers but overall it’s still mostly….boring!

I don’t know when it happened but the singers that they think have really good vocals are all these dumb morons and the songs that they think have great lyrics are all these sappy, crappy rnb & pop songs. Then it’s all those crying cause the song touches them deeply, reminding them of a loved one (who just so happens to attend the show for the very first time) who’s been through so & so, and the camera pans to that person! And when you check the lyrics and the reason – they won’t have any goddamn connection!

Another thing, sometimes the song is great and the singer has done a fine job but the judges come down on them and vice versa. There’s this white girl on the show this season who screams in every song and she has got this literal big mouth too! The guests are usually horrible but they do have some nice surprises as well. Credit giving where credit is due. But this last one was not a good surprise.

Mary J Belch is yuck, she sucks. I can’t believe that people think that she is a great artist. She appeared on stage and she stank up a genuine classic rock & metal number. She stank up a song I never thought a drunk parrot could stink up. She massacred Stairway To Heaven! That’s right, Mary J Bleach sucks so bad, I almost didn’t recognize the song but then it’s hard not to know the music. And who was playing bass up there – Idol judge Randy Jackson!

Mary J. Bitch also was moving on stage, swaying like a drunk orangutan! And who was playing lead guitar up there? Steve Vai. I am a big fan Vai, but he has this of habit of being a little bit of a sell out. He has his gal pal Orianthi on guitar as well. Overall there were like 7 people on stage who couldn’t do 1/6th as good as 4 people (that’s Led Zepplin) would have done on any given night.

Sheesh! I need a couple of beers after watching that.

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