An Alternate Timeline Roshan

Whenever I look back at my life I keep thinking that the turning point in my life was just after my 10th grade. If I had made a couple of different decisions in my life I would have had things so much more better and things would be so much pleasant right now. I made foolish decisions not based on using my brain but going by emotion and peer pressure and not thinking straight. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish I could have made a couple of changes and knowing what I know now I would have been more careful and taken care of my life. So if I could snap of time and create an alternate history of my life from that point I would. It would be in the summer of 1992 and it would be something like this:

My 10th standard just got over and I had the choice of going to either predegree in a college or go and do 11th & 12th in another school (since my school stops at the 10th grade). Now predegree was the norm during those years and only by the 90s would they stop that stupid practise and make all school kids do their 11th & 12th in a school instead of a college. That should have been the way to go and one of my closest friends asked me to join him in a good school but I was so fed up of wearing school uniforms and thought doing predegree was the best option. So yeah, in this alternate timeline I would wait and enjoy the 3 months summer vacation and then opted to do 11th & 12th in a good school. Also I wouldn’t choose science grade! No way, I would choose arts or commerce or something like that. I had no aptitude for science and I should have listened to good advice but I didn’t. I thought engineering was where I should go and that’s where I went.

And the other main thing – I would not have chosen St.Paul’s College if I did still go for predegree. That was the worst decision of my life. I made the wrong choice in friends and I paid the price for it. I went for all the wrong choices and they all did well and I suffered. I also went for the wrong girl. So if I didn’t chose St.Paul’s I would never have met her and fallen for her and had an all consuming relationship for 3.5 years and get my heart ripped outta my chest. I wouldn’t have the resentment that I have had and seen all that I have seen and be where I am. So in this time line I do not meet here, never even set my eyes on her and I won’t spend most of my 20s in an angry stage.

So I go on do my stuff, get a proper education and maybe even go for a post graduate course. I start work and do well early on. I meet a nice pretty girl and go steady for a few years until I’m 28-29 and it’s time to settle down. With some help from financing we get a place of our own and get married and settle down. We both have really good paying jobs in good companies and are happy. We share our home with 2 dogs that we raise as our fur babies. Life is good, I’m married to my best friend and she is to hers.

Sounds nice. I wish I lived it!

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One thought on “An Alternate Timeline Roshan

  1. Hmmmm….Maybe the rut actually set in HV HSS rather than PDC.

    Probably if you had been to another school after 10th it might have been different (although there would have been issues of admissions, donations, subjects,travelling, etc, etc )…but still might have been a better outcome possibly…

    Well if you hadn’t opted for St.Paul’s for the PDC, the same outcome could have come out of BMC,etc…though probably not heartburn from Alberts ;)

    Anyways good luck for the future!

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