An Update On My Mp3 Collection

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When I last gave an update on my growing mp3 collection in February, 2008 it stood at 17.3 GB worth of mp3s spread across 4,045 files on one of my drives. My disk size space was getting replenished and it was time to get an external hard drive, which I would do within the next 60 days or so. I now have 27.40 GB worth of mp3s spread across 6,236 files in my Western Digital external hard drive (120 GB capacity). Because there’s more files coming and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.

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Unlike some people I know, that’s a huge list of mp3s. I still have many artists mp3s that I want and I’ll still be buying more albums soon. I have been lucky to get mp3 versions of a bunch of albums that I only have on cassette tape and not on cds. Buying cds is expensive and I wish we had an Indian site through which you could buy mp3 songs / whole albums at Indian rates and that it has a really vast repertoire.

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Oh well, my mission is to fill the 120 GB capacity drive and then look for a bigger drive!

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