And The Truth Comes Out

Read this and this first before you go through this blog post.

The same person came back to the office after a gap of a few days, which we were told was due to a really bad fever. She said that she was too weak to come to work and that she was taking lots of medicines & antibiotics to get better that that made her even weaker. When I walked in yesterday into one the training rooms that we have, for a brief instance I was pleasantly surprised that she was there, since I expected her back only by Friday or Saturday. That lasted for just one brief moment. When I saw her condition I was shocked.

She, who was very thin anyways, had lost even more weight! Was that possible? And she had huge purple marks around her eyes that were black to begin with. When I expressed my concern, she said that it was due to her lack of sleep even though she had the high fever and the effects of the strong antibiotics. I was at a loss of words for quite a long time and all I could do was pat her on the head. When the others saw her they had similar reactions.

We went on with our daily routine, finished our work and had a meeting with the national head of HR and stuff. By 8:30 pm it was just 5 of us in our department and we decided to head to the cafeteria for dinner. She said that she wasn’t joining us as her husband was about to come and pick her up any minute. I said ok and the rest of us went for dinner.

When we came back, we saw her on the phone speaking to someone and wiping her eyes. I began to suspect what I used to fear at many times. A few minutes later she said that she wanted to speak to me alone and I took her to one of the empty discussion rooms. And she cried her poor heart out and let me in on what was always suspected by us. That the marks under her eyes were made by her husband, of just a couple of months, when he hit her with his fists and a ring that he wore on his hand. He can’t control his anger when they argue and as a barely recovering drug addict, his rage fluctuates. I have known about their fights, which were usually about where he was and what he was doing during the evening hours.

My friend cried as she told me that even though she is fed up, she stayed with him because when the drugs wear off, he cries and is remorseful of the anger he has displayed. But this is no way for any individual to live. I tried to be as supportive as I could and I consoled her as much as I could. Her parents have come to know about it and they have filed a domestic violence case against him. I also came to know that she attempted to slit her wrists!

She said to me that, she wanted to open up to someone, that atleast someone outside of the two of them should know the truth. She plans on collecting some of her belongings from her husband’s house and returning back to her folks. They want her back and they want her away from him. My advice was the same and I added that, if he gets the medical & mental help that he requires, then maybe they could get back to their lives. But his parents have turned a blind eye to all of this and they blame her, saying that it’s because she argues back at him. Baloney!

So she is going back home to her folks but they also want her to resign from her job and just stay at home for a few months. Although I am gonna miss her, I think that it’s probably the best thing for her.

You know what I think? You know what I want to do?

I want to beat him black and blue, drag that motherfucker on the streets, gouge his eyes out, castrate him, stick a big pole up his ass, pour fuel all over him and light the cocksucker with a match and watch him go straight to hell!

6 thoughts on “And The Truth Comes Out

  1. Going home is a bad idea if he knows her parents, as he will know where she is and find her. She needs to go someplace that he doesn’t know about — either a friend’s place (someone he doesnt know or know about) or a shelter. Perhaps a place in her parents home town if she wants to be close to home?

  2. Ash, it’s difficult for those kind of things in India. He knows her folks home but he won’t be able to go there as her parents have filed a habeas corpus against him. She is with her folks as of yesterday and I don’t know what things will be.

  3. Also finding homes for battered women are difficult although there are very few, most of them are full at the moment.

  4. Those types of homes tend to be full in Alberta I’ve recently heard, and probably here in Saskatchewan too.

  5. Well I wasn’t going to ask her to go that far away :)

    I spoke at the office and my AM is getting my friend transferred to another town where our company has an office. Infact we have three choices as of now and language is the only barrier but the work is the same. We have a former team member in one office, so that could be the choice but I would like her to go to another town, cause it’s kinda very pretty and quite and the people are nice. She could spend a lot of time in the gardens near the office.

    The choice is hers – we’re gonna leave that up to her. She needs time till Tuesday to make a decision. So by then we will know. We already have the support of the HR & we need to speak to our DGM and things will be set.

    I’m gonna miss my friend, but atleast this way, I’ll know that she is gonna be ok.

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