Appu & Making Babies

Is there anyone who has seen the phenomenally successful & hilarious tv show The Simpsons and not a fanatical follower & fan of it? Raise your hands. Ready, Aim, FIRE! You do not deserve to live.

Ok, more seriously what I would like to comment on is the “Indian” character in the series Appu who runs the Quickee Mart (not sure how that spells). Anyway, the episode I saw online a couple of days ago was very funny. It was about how Appu and his wife try to make a baby without success. So, ofcourse, advice is vested out by Dr.Family Planning himself, Homer! He offers them tips on how to make the mood just right to start a family. Finally after a whole lots of “trying” and with absolutely no help from Homer, Appu gets his wife pregnant and they are ecstatic…only to get the shock of their lives when Marge informs them from the delivery room that Appu’s wife has been blessed with OCTOPLETS!!!

The look on Appu’s face (I know it is only a drawing) is worth a hundred million. Anyway, do you notice that nearly every “Indian” character in American or British shows speak in the same way? Sometimes it seems that all the men have the same voice, they run stores or supermarkets and stuff. I am not taking anything away from the show, which is brilliant, just that accent & voice is so annoying when it is heard on nearly every show where there is an Indian guy. Funny thing is, in most cases, the voice is given by a non-Indian. Ha! In this case by Hank Azaria.

Quote of the day : “There comes a time in a man’s life when he must ask himself; who will send my corpse down the holy river Ganges” (this is by Appu to his wife just before they decided to start making a family after Homer & Marge ask them why they don’t have a child yet).

And the next quote, again by Appu : Oh, Calcutta (after his wife takes him in a sexual manner).

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