Are You Being Serviced?

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

I think I have had some dreadful experiences as a customer but the eBay India one I had recently, like back in February was the worst. Having ordered a new phone for my mum and having the seller not send it was terrible. Even worse was the fact that I got not explanation – seller was trying to blame eBay, eBay was trying to blame the seller – and I was out of the money I had set aside to buy her the phone. Contacting their chat support was of no use either but I got the money in the end. And the seller’s staff called me a few weeks later and said that they would compensate me a measly Rs.300 if I redacted the low score I gave them. It’ ain’t happening douche!

I have some really good customer service reps who I have dealt with me. Some simple services and folk who won’t even know what customer service is but can do it all day long. They just want to do right by you and it’s in their nature to be of good service to you. Cheers to them, we can all learn from those people.

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