Arsenal 5 Derby 0

I kinda feel sorry for the fans of Derby County. They must have felt that without Theirry Henry there would a chance against Arsenal. But…Emmanuel Adebayor scored a hat-trick as Arsenal turned up the heat on their Premier League title rivals with a 5-0 thrashing of Derby at The Emirates stadium on Saturday. Cesc Fabregas and Abou Diaby as the Gunners made it six wins out of six in all competitons and extended their unbeaten start to the season to nine matches.

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Among other matches, Liverpool were booed by their own crowd in a 0-0 draw against Birmingham, Manchester City drew 3-3 & in the match I just saw sometime back, Manchester United beat Chelsea 1-0 in which the Blues were playing with 10 men from the 32nd minutes as Mikel was sent out. Newcastle United beat West Ham 3-1 while Aston Villa beat Everton 2-0.

Correction : It ended Manchester United 2, Chelsea 0. There was that dubious penalty given towards the end which Louis Saha converted! My sincere apologies

2 thoughts on “Arsenal 5 Derby 0

  1. Being a stalwart United fan, I have to point out that United won 2-0, as Saha converted a penalty towards the end! I actually saw this match live, and it was worth watching. Oh, and Joe Cole was lucky not to be sent off for his very late lunge at Ronaldo (Fergie was up off the touchline for that one!) and Ashley Cole’s should become a champion swimmer, because he dived so many times today he must have thought that the pitch was a diving pool!!

  2. Oh yeah, I stand corrected. It was 2-0. I saw the match live but the penalty skipped my mind because it was a harsh one. Utd won – but only because it was Man Utd 11 the refree against 10 men Chelsea!

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