As The Years Go Rushing On By

Growing older sucks. In a couple of days I will turn 33 years old. 33 – man I swear that I feel like I’ve lost out on a few years. Although I know that the actual truth is that I wasted my years. What do I have to show for these 33 years?


The signs of aging! Well, a few more wrinkles started to appear and certainly the loss of hair (but that’s more of a genetic one). My beard seems to grow a whole lot more faster that I care for it to do so. I had last shaved on Friday and I didn’t bother to shave since. On Monday morning after I brushed my teeth, I was amazed at the growth on my face as I looked in the mirror and ran my hands on my beard.

I’m glad that I’m not greying yet except for a couple of grey beard hairs and in my nostrils (ewww). The grey isn’t too obvious since I don’t grow a beard and I try to yank out the grey hairs in my nostrils.

But I regret not being able to do the things that I should have done. I regret that financially I’m not there yet. Yes I have a good title at work but it hasn’t brought the money in…yet. I don’t any savings and I don’t have a place of my own.

I also regret the fact that I am still single and lonely as hell. I tie this down to the fact that I am not happy with my life, so how can I make someone else happy? My bed is half empty and I long for the woman who will make me feel complete. She’s just not here yet. I’ll find her…eventually I guess.

So 33 is almost here. Don’t wake me up on that day and maybe he’ll just go away.

2 thoughts on “As The Years Go Rushing On By

  1. You’ve lived your life and there’s nothing to regret in that. Most of us don’t have things turn out the way we expected. Besides, you’re still young enough to sort out your finances. It’s never too late to meet someone, either. Don’t give up. I loved being 33. Have a great birthday. XXX

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