At The End Of The Week

At the end of a long, long work week of 6 days with almost 2 hours 45 minutes of traveling in a bus to boot, I think I deserved a break. It’s been a tiring time and mentally at times I was taxed. I needed a little pick-me-upper and it was around 7:45pm when I found myself standing in Marine Drive and looking for an ATM.

I went to Velocity soon after and got me some sweet Vodka. Well, they didn’t have any of the brands that I wanted and so I had to settle for Shark Tooth Vodka. It was ok and I splashed it liberally with 7up. I had 3 of those and settled back in the comfy sofa lounge seats.

I had some fish (anchovies) and chicken fry and enjoyed a quite evening. There was a cricket match going on on the tube but I wasn’t paying attention, as I hate cricket. I just ate and drank my dinner and enjoyed sitting near the air conditioner until it was time to come home. Now for some shut eye.

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