5 Places I Would Immediately Visit If Time & Money Weren’t A Factor

5 places you would love to visit if money and time weren’t a factor.

  1. Canada ‚Äď always Canada. Well ever since 1998 or so, I have wanted to move to Canada and explore her cities, towns and countryside. No other place I‚Äôd rather visit and possibly even live in.
  2. The UK ‚Äď England first, Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland too. The sights, the towns, the pubs, the people, the FOOTBALL!
  3. Parts of the US ‚Äď I guess it‚Äôs safe to say that for someone like me there are some areas of the US that are scary right now. There always seems to be crazy things happening. But the USA has many areas I would love to see and enjoy.
  4. The Netherlands & Belgium ‚Äď Holland is one of my favourite places to see sights off and I put Belgium along with them as they are similar in some cases. Beautiful cities and towns and football, beer and food!
  5. Scandinavian countries ‚Äď I have had a life long love affair with Sweden (or atleast since 1987) and I want to see her. Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland too. Some of the cities in these countries look downright amazing.


RIP Donald Sutherland

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland , whose career spanned over 6 decades, dies on 20th June at the age of 88. His son Kiefer Sutherland, the actor, announced the death on social media. CAA, the talent agency that represented Mr. Sutherland, said he had died in a hospital after an unspecified ‚Äúlong illness.‚ÄĚ He had a home in Miami. Starting in the early 1960s, he appeared in nearly 200 films and television shows ‚ÄĒ some years he was in as many as half a dozen movies. Sutherland‚Äôs chameleon like ability to be endearing in one role, menacing in another and just plain odd in yet a third appealed to directors, among them Federico Fellini, Robert Altman, Bernardo Bertolucci and Oliver Stone. Sutherland received numerous accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards as well as a BAFTA Award nomination. He is considered one of the best actors never nominated for an Academy Award. He was given the Academy Honorary Award in 2017.

Donald McNichol Sutherland was born on 17 July 1935 at the¬†Saint John General Hospital¬†in¬†Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was of Scottish, German, and English ancestry. He graduated in 1958 from Victoria University with a¬†dual degree in engineering and drama. He changed his mind about becoming an engineer, and left Canada for Britain in 1957, studying at the¬†London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. While at¬†London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art¬†(LAMDA), Sutherland began appearing in¬†West End productions. In the early-to-mid-1960s, Sutherland began to gain small roles in British films and TV (such as a hotel receptionist in¬†The Sentimental Agent episode “A Very Desirable Plot” (1963). He was featured alongside¬†Christopher Lee¬†in horror films such as¬†Castle of the Living Dead¬†(1964) and the¬†anthology film¬†Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors¬†(1965). He also had a supporting role in the Hammer Films¬†production¬†Die! Die! My Darling!¬†(1965), with¬†Tallulah Bankhead¬†and¬†Stefanie Powers

Sutherland rose to fame after starring in films such as¬†The Dirty Dozen¬†(1967),¬†M*A*S*H¬†(1970), and¬†Kelly’s Heroes¬†(1970). He subsequently starred in many films both in leading and supporting roles, including¬† Klute¬†(1971),¬†Don’t Look Now¬†(1973),¬†The Day of the Locust¬†(1975),¬†Fellini’s Casanova¬† (1976), 1900 (1976),¬† Animal House¬†(1978),¬†Invasion of the Body Snatchers¬†(1978),¬†Ordinary People¬†(1980),¬†Eye of the Needle¬†(1981),¬†A Dry White Season¬†(1989),¬†Backdraft¬†(1991),¬†JFK¬†(1991),¬†Six Degrees of Separation (1993),¬† Without Limits¬†(1998),¬†Space Cowboys¬†(2000),¬†The Italian Job¬†(2003), and¬†Pride & Prejudice¬†(2005). He played the role of physician-hero¬†Norman Bethune¬†in¬†Bethune¬†(1977) and¬†Bethune: The Making of a Hero (1990). Sutherland also portrayed¬†President Snow¬†in¬†The Hunger Games¬†franchise (2012‚Äď2015). On television, Sutherland’s performance in the¬†HBO¬†film¬†Citizen X¬†(1995) earned him the¬†Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. He also portrayed¬†Clark Clifford¬†in the HBO film¬†Path to War¬†(2002), earning the¬†Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor ‚Äď Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

Sutherland was made an Officer of the¬†Order of Canada¬†on 22 December 1978, and was promoted to Companion of the Order of Canada in 2019. He was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame¬†in March 2000. He had maintained a residence in Georgeville, a village in Quebec, since 1977. Hehad additional houses in other places, including Paris,¬†France and Miami, Florida. Sutherland married three times. His first marriage, to Lois May Hardwick, a head school teacher, lasted from 1959 to 1966. His second marriage, which lasted from 1966 to 1970, was to¬†Shirley Douglas, daughter of former premier of Saskatchewan Tommy Douglas. Sutherland and Douglas had two children, twins Kiefer and Rachel. From 1970 to 1972, he had an affair with Klute¬†co-star¬†Jane Fonda, with whom he had participated in anti-Vietnam war activism. Sutherland married French Canadian actress¬†Francine Racette¬†in 1972, after meeting her on the set of the Canadian pioneer drama¬†Alien Thunder. They had three sons ‚ÄstRossif Sutherland,¬†Angus Redford Sutherland, and Roeg Sutherland.

Describe Your Most Memorable Summer.

Describe your most memorable summer.

So my summer after high school was a full 3 months (maybe a little more) in the year 1992 after my 10th grade. Back then yeah we had this system and this meant I and my school friends would now go to a college instead of a high school for 11th & 12th grades. I was happy that it mean we now went to a college, no longer had to were a school uniform and also it was cool back then to be in a college. But it also meant not seeing my school friends for a long time, except for the ones who would be joining the same college as me.

After saying bye to my friends, I wanted to stay in at home or go out with my cousins. But I started missing my buddies really badly in a few days. I joined a 2 month basic computer course in DataPro. I was restless and needed something to keep me occupied and make new friends as well. Besides it was only a couple of hours a day, 4 days a week. So this 2 month course at DataPro seemed like a good option and I had fun there. I got fascinated by computers as well and during my lab hours I would try to make colourful images on MsPaint. Remember that this was back in the Windows 3.x years. I even remember on seeing my designs, a manager of the institute asked me to try designing for sarees!

I remember these two very gorgeous girls who were in my classes at Datapro. Their names were Zeena and Geena D’Couto and they were fraternal twins. And my eye was on Zeena but Geena was hot too. I spent much time with them and in the afternoons I would go to the record store nearby and go through the various album releases and check out some of the music at the store. Ofcourse I also went to various places visiting relatives. Those were good times.


5 Benefits To Adopting An Older Cat

To continue with Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, write about the benefits of adopting an older/senior cat.

1. They have an established personality

When you get a kitten, you don’t quite know what sort of character they’ll grow up to have. They could be a chatty cat, a serial snoozer, an aloof kitty or a lap lover, their personality is likely to change a lot in their first few years of life. When you adopt a mature moggy from Cats Protection, we’ll be able to tell you lots about their personality, either from their previous owner or the time they’ve spent with us in care, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your new cat companion (including where their favourite spot for a fuss is!).

2. They’ll be a calming companion

Kittens have a lot of energy and they can be a lot of work as a result. They can get into all sorts of trouble as they explore your home at top speed (it’s not unusual to discover they’ve scaled the curtains!) and so they need lots of interactive playtime to help tire them out. An older cat is likely to be a lot calmer, and happier to spend more time snoozing and cuddling up with you.

3. They may be more suited to a busy lifestyle

If you have a kitten, you will need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t get into any mischief, and they’ll probably wants lots of interaction from you throughout the day. If you’re out of the house for long periods of the day, or busy getting things done around the home, an older cat might be a better option as although they’ll still want some attention from time to time, they’re also likely to happily snooze while you get on with your tasks.

4. They can still be fun

Although they don’t have quite as much energy as kittens, older cats will usually still love to have regular short play sessions if you find the toys they like (fishing rod toys are often a favourite!) and they’ll still have lots of fun quirks to bring a smile to your face every day.

5. They can be great pets for families

If you have children of your own or any young family members who like to visit, they will likely want to play with your cat. Kittens can get quite over-excited during play, sometimes misdirecting their hunting behaviour onto people instead of toys, and picking up bad habits such as playing with fingers and toes. While older cats still like to play, they’re likely to be calmer and less boisterous with younger family members.

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The Previous Week At Work, Three Day Weekend & Beer

So I have been working on the new process, trying to learn the workings for it and getting used to the new tools. I must say that it is very interesting and I’m having some fun learning it. Monday was a bit light as I only had 12 tickets to close but the next 2 days I had a lovely lady in Egypt connect to me via Webex and as I shared my screen, she guided me through the process. For 2 days I had fun as she was a delight to work with and help me. The 3rd day, I had a dude help me as the lady was on leave for a few days.

Friday due to the elevator in our building being on the fritz – again – I had to stay back home. I had yet another person help me on that day but we were not able to get a lot done. With Friday done, I had a 3 day weekend staring at me in the face and I tried to watch some tv before going to sleep. Saturday morning I did what I always do on the weekend – woke up at 8 am, got coffee, went to the loo, had breakfast, had a cup of tea at 11 am, had lunch and then watched a movie. By then the elevator was fixed and for dinner we had a corn dog on a stick, a hot dog and a couple of wings and watched football.

Sunday I decided I had to go out, having not gone out for drinks in ages. So I wait till 12:30 pm and then booked a cab to get to the Blue Rock Bar and drank a few beers with some fries and honey garlic pork. I came back home, bought some ice cream and watched a documentary on true crime and then napped a bit. We had a light dinner and more football. Yesterday was more like Saturday and it’s also become extremely hot & humid. We need more rains please.

What My Golden Did That Made Me Love Her Just A Little Bit More

What does did your pet do every day that makes you love him or her just a little bit more?

Well, she did quite a few things that made me feel that she is extremely loving & loyal and that made me feel special and made her look extremely special in my eyes and in the eyes of others. And it was during the years 2003 to 2005, which also happens to be her final years of life. During this time I was working for a call center in 2003 and then I moved to starting working for Idea in January 2004. During these years I usually worked late evening or late night shifts, that usually saw me reaching home between 2:30 am to 4am or post 12:30 am with Idea and that meant that I would reach home via the company cabs.

When I came home from work post midnight, anytime between 2:30 am to 4:00 am, as I reached the gate in the company cab, Shawny would be waiting there for me. Every time, without fail, at the gate. With a look on her face that would be either ‚ÄúI am been waiting for you all day, hurray that you are back‚ÄĚ and in her later years ‚ÄúFinally, where have you been all this time, young man?‚ÄĚ My parents would wonder how on Earth did Shawny know that it is my cab that is coming towards the gate as it usually is a different vehicle and at slightly different times.

But she astonished my family and relatives as, whenever were also up at those time, they would say they can see Shawny come to the front of the door and lie down there and ignore any other vehicle – like a truck or a bus or cars that passed by – but she would know which is my vehicle and she would get up and slowly make her way down the steps and walk to the gate exactly in time for me to reach and she would be wagging her tail to welcome me so I can pet her before I came in.

Prompt from June Blogging Prompts at Blogpaw.com

10 Things To Know About Luxembourg

1. The present Grand Duke is named Henri. Luxembourg is the world’s only Grand Duchy.

2. Although June 23 is the date of the Grand Duke’s official birthday, no Grand Duke of Luxembourg has ever been born on that day.

3. With just under half a million people, Luxembourg is the least populated of all EU countries.

4. With 79.68 telephone lines per 100 people, Luxembourg has the highest ratio of telephone lines to people in the world.

5. Luxembourg also has the highest Gross Domestic Product per capita of any country in the world.

6. According to a recent UN survey on crime, you have less chance of being shot dead in Luxembourg than in any other country.

7. There are 1,307 policemen and two jails in Luxembourg.

8. The average person in Luxembourg has just over one-and-a-half mobile phones.

9. Luxembourgers speak Luxembourgish, carry out business mostly in French and teach German as the first foreign language in schools.

10. The Grand Duke lost his power to veto new laws at the end of 2008 when he indicated that he would oppose a bill legalising euthanasia in Luxembourg.

Some Crunchy & Delicious Fun Facts About Onion Rings

  • Onion rings first made their appearance in an ad for Crisco in a¬†New York Times¬†magazine that was published in 1933. The advertisement included a recipe for onions that are sliced, dipped in milk, dredged in flour, and then deep-fried.
  • Many restaurants claim to have invented this yummy snack. However, the exact origin of these rings remains unknown. We have two words to whoever invented the onion ring: THANK YOU!
  • The¬†United States is responsible for producing more than two million metric tons of onions each year!
  • Speaking of America, Americans can‚Äôt get enough of these delicious eats and consume 20 pounds of these deep-fried rings per person annually.
  • There are countless ways to enjoy these classic rings. Many people love dipping them in fry sauce or ketchup, while others opt for yogurt, sour cream, or a cheese-based sauce.
  • Onion rings aren‚Äôt just sides for hamburgers‚ÄĒthey pair well with beef, chicken, and fish dishes. Many of us also don‚Äôt mind eating them alone!
  • June 22nd is a day that is dedicated to onion rings each year, so mark your calendars! You should be celebrating with some hand-breaded onion rings!
  • There are many takes on onion rings nowadays, including Funyuns, fried onions, the blooming onion, and more!
  • According to the¬†Guinness Book of World Records, the largest onion ever grown was grown by V. Throup in Silsden, England, weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds and 14 ounces. Just think of all the onion rings that thing could have made!

RIP Kevin Campbell

Former Arsenal and Everton striker Kevin Campbell has died at the age of 54 after a short illness. Campbell scored 148 goals in 542 appearances across spells with eight clubs during his career. He won four major trophies with Arsenal before going on to play for Leyton Orient, Leicester, Nottingham Forest, Trabzonspor, Everton, West Brom and Cardiff. He was capped four times by¬†England U21, scoring once and received a call-up to the¬†England B team in 1991, for whom he earned one cap. Campbell made his final appearance as a player in February 2007 before moving into broadcasting. ¬†earlier this month he became ill in May and was “very unwell” in hospital.

After coming through Arsenal’s youth set-up, Campbell made his senior debut for the club in 1988, following loan spells with Leyton Orient and Leicester. He scored nine goals in 22 appearances for the Gunners during their title-winning 1990-91 campaign. Campbell then helped the London club win the FA Cup and League Cup double in 1993, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994. Forest signed Campbell in the summer of 1995, and he spent three seasons at the City Ground, scoring 22 goals in 39 games during his final term to help the club win promotion to the Premier League.

Following a short stint in Turkey with Trabzonspor, Campbell moved to Everton on loan in March 1999, scoring nine times in their final eight Premier League games to help the Toffees avoid relegation. He was rewarded with a permanent deal that summer, and stayed for more than five seasons. Campbell’s playing career came to an end with spells at West Brom and Cardiff. After his death was announced, Campbell’s former Arsenal team-mate Ian Wright posted a number of crying emojis on X and images of the pair together.

Tony Adams – Campbell’s former Arsenal team-mate and captain – wrote on X: “Super Kev: a goal machine, a giant of a man, with an even bigger heart. “An intensely private and a truly wonderful human being. I’m devastated for his loved ones, and all of us. Love you Super Kev, Skipper.” Alan Smith – another former team-mate – told Sky Sports News it was a “tragic day”. Campbell was featured on the¬†Sky Sports¬†series¬†Where are They Now?¬†in 2008, when he was the co-owner of security company T1 Protection, specialising in supplying bodyguards to celebrities and other wealthy customers whilst travelling abroad.

He also worked with Asia-based¬†Sony TEN¬†as a commentator for their Premier League and¬†Champions League coverage. Campbell ran a record label, 2 Wikid, with the label’s first signing being rapper¬†Mark Morrison, who had previously topped the charts with “Return of the Mack” in 1996. His son¬†Tyrese¬†is also a footballer. He plays for¬†Stoke City.

Some Facts About The European Championships

The original concept for the European Championships was mooted in the 1950s by Henri Delaunay, the inaugural General Secretary of UEFA. In 1960, France hosted the first tournament, featuring four teams. It has now grown to a 24-team structure.

French football administrator Henri Delaunay had the idea for the UEFA European Championship in the 1920s, but the first took place in 1960. The Soviet Union won the inaugural edition after beating Yugoslavia 2-1 in the final.

There have been innumerable unforgettable moments and fairytales during the Euros. According to Goal, the 1992 edition saw the Danes win the tournament after being called up as a last-minute replacement for Yugoslavia. Greece also stunned the world by winning the 2004 tournament after defeating its host, Portugal.

The evolution of the Euro ball mirrors the broader shifts in football gear and technology, from the early days of using simple leather balls to the modern days of using highly engineered versions. The tournament ball’s style and name typically reflect the host nation’s cultural background.

The tournament has grown in size and appeal over the years. The number of teams increased from four in 1960 to eight in 1980, sixteen in 1996, and twenty-four in 2016. The qualification process has also changed over the years. Hundreds of teams fight in a demanding qualification campaign to participate in the final tournament, up from a handful initially.

Germany and Spain are the most successful teams in the European champions, with three titles each. The Germans won in 1972, 1980, and 1996, while the Spaniards lifted the trophy in 1964, 2008, and 2012. Michel Platini holds the record for most goals in a single tournament, scoring nine for France in the 1984 competition.

The record for a single match attendance was set in 1964 at the Santiago Bernab√©u Stadium in Madrid when 79,115 people watched Spain beat the Soviet Union in the final. The Netherlands’ 6-1 quarterfinal victory over Yugoslavia in 2000 was the most¬†significant upset¬†in the tournament.

Top 5 Biggest & Most Influential Science Fiction Franchises

Several science fiction franchises have made significant cultural and commercial impacts, becoming cornerstones of the genre. Here are the top 5 of the biggest and most influential science fiction franchises according to ChatGpt:

  1. Star Wars:
    • Creator: George Lucas
    • Debut: 1977 with “Star Wars: Episode IV ‚Äď A New Hope”
    • Media: Movies, TV series, books, comics, video games, and merchandise
    • Impact: Star Wars is one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time and has had a profound influence on popular culture, pioneering special effects and storytelling in science fiction.
  2. Star Trek:
    • Creator: Gene Roddenberry
    • Debut: 1966 with “Star Trek: The Original Series”
    • Media: TV series, movies, books, comics, and video games
    • Impact: Known for its optimistic vision of the future, Star Trek has inspired generations of scientists and engineers. The franchise’s exploration of social and philosophical issues has made it a cultural touchstone.
  3. Doctor Who:
    • Creator: Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson
    • Debut: 1963 with the BBC TV series “Doctor Who”
    • Media: TV series, books, audio dramas, comics, and merchandise
    • Impact: As the longest-running science fiction TV series, Doctor Who has become a beloved part of British culture and has a dedicated global fanbase.
  4. The Matrix:
    • Creators: The Wachowskis
    • Debut: 1999 with “The Matrix”
    • Media: Movies, animated films, video games, and comics
    • Impact: The Matrix revolutionized action filmmaking with its innovative special effects and philosophical themes, exploring concepts like reality, consciousness, and artificial intelligence.
  5. Alien:
    • Creators: Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett; directed by Ridley Scott
    • Debut: 1979 with “Alien”
    • Media: Movies, books, comics, and video games
    • Impact: Combining horror and science fiction, the Alien franchise has become iconic for its depiction of extraterrestrial life and its strong female protagonist, Ellen Ripley.

What Is A Nanaimo Bar?

The Nanaimo bar is a bar dessert that requires no baking and is named after the Canadian city of Nanaimo in British Columbia. It consists of three layers: a wafer, nut (walnuts, almonds, or pecans), and coconut crumb base; custard icing in the middle; and a layer of chocolate ganache on top. Many varieties exist, consisting of various types of crumb, various flavours of icing (such as peanut butter or coconut, mocha), and various types of chocolate.

The earliest confirmed printed copy of the recipe using the name “Nanaimo bars” appears in the Edith Adams’ prize cookbook (14th edition) from 1953. In 1954, the recipe “Mabel’s Squares” was published in¬†The Country Woman’s Favourite by the Upper Gloucester Women’s Institute (New Brunswick). The recipe was submitted by Mrs. Harold Payne, the daughter of Mabel (Knowles) Scott (1883‚Äď1957). The popularity of the bar in Nanaimo led local residents to mobilise to have it voted “Canada’s Favourite Confection” in a¬†National Post reader survey. The Nanaimo bar was popularized nationwide after being highlighted as a classic Canadian dessert at¬†Expo 86.

In a bid to take advantage of the bar’s popularity, the city of Nanaimo launched a tasting trail much like Ontario has done for the butter tart. Different locations in and around Nanaimo serve different variations on the classic dessert, from flavours such as maple bacon and peanut butter to deep-fried Nanaimo bars, Nanaimo bar spring rolls, Nanaimo bar waffles and cheesecake and Nanaimo bar coffee and cocktails. Following a 2006 poll, the National Post declared the Nanaimo bar Canada’s favourite confection, beating out offerings such as Coffee Crisp, Beaver Tails, Cherry Blossoms, McCain’s Deep’n Delicious cake, Jos Louis, Tim Hortons’ Iced Capp, and Laura Secord chocolate.