Working On A Sunday

When I worked for Idea Mobile Communications main office in Ravipuram for two years, I loved working on Sundays. Infact, it was a choice I made for a very long time and it was something I looked forward to. I usually got more work done on Sundays and yet found an hour’s time to relax and have a peaceful dinner in a small restaurant nearby. Last year when I moved to Thoppumpady, I still worked quite a few Sundays but not as much. In my current company, running on nearly a year now, I have worked only on 4 or 5 Sundays but they are so boring here and I usually don’t get much done.

Today, I had volunteered to give up my Sunday and come to work in order to finish some pending work. Yet its frustrating that I can’t get it done due to external factors not in my control. I hate when that happens and more so today. I had spent a few hours getting two sessions organized for a process refresher which everyone who attended had to contribute. But no one was putting in any effort. And this guy, who is supposed to be my friend, assured me that he would get some of it done, just point out where the stuff was to him. I left the office at 7 pm thinking that he would do a bit, even if I knew that he had a few drinks before coming to the office, something which he shouldn’t be doing.

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watch jingle all the way online I was going by on his word and that asshole had no intention of helping out. He kept lying to me when I called him and even after I set things up for him, by calling people from my home, he still made up some silly excuse for not doing it, I sent him a message to let me know that I was onto him and to stop acting like a moron. If he hadn’t told me that he would do it, I would have stayed back and completed it, extending many hours after my designated shift was over. And now, its not done. all because of a drunk motherfucker!

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Arsenal 2 Spurs 1

Arsenal will close the year at the top of the Premier League. Beating their cross town rivals Tottenham Hotspurs, gave the Gunners the 3 points needed to stay on top even if Manchester United wins tomorrow. Nicklas Bendtner proved an unlikely hero for Arsenal as his late goal secured a precious 2-1 victory over Tottenham on Saturday. Arsene Wenger’s side were confronting the dismal scenario of dropping two home points when the Denmark striker, on as a second-half substitute, headed in to extend his team’s lead at the top of the English Premier League to four points. Emmanuel Adebayor’s opener and Spurs then spurned a gilt-edged chance to forge ahead when Robbie Keane’s penalty was saved by Manuel Almunia. This defeat stretched Tottenham’s winless streak against Arsenal to an astonishing 20 matches.

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In other matches Liverpool beat Portsmouth 4-1, West Ham beat Middlesborough 2-1 & Bolton beat Birmingham 3-0.

My Life Is An Advert

I got this idea from Saskboy. Can you list out all the brands that you use in your daily life?

I’m gonna give it a try based on my life. Here goes:

Colgate. Park Avenue. Old Spice. Clinic Plus. Jockey. Bru. Red Tape. Apple. Samsung. Microsoft. Mozilla. Creative. Google. WordPress.

I’m kinda lost now. I’m sure there are more.

August Baby

AUGUST: Loves to joke. (yes) Attractive. (you can be the judge of that) Suave and caring. (I am caring) Brave and fearless. (hmmm) Firm and has leadership qualities.  (Sometimes) Knows how to console others. (Yeah, I think I do and I have been told that) Too generous and egoistic. (yes and huh?) Takes high pride in oneself. (:P) Thirsty for praises. (Aren’t we all?) Extraordinary spirit. (Yes, the spirit of Roshan) Easily angered. (Yeah, sometimes) Angry when provoked. (oh yeah, I’ll bite your head off) Easily jealous. (I must admit, I am :( ) Observant. (What was that?) Careful and cautious. (I don’t think so) Thinks quickly. (with dire consequences) Independent thoughts.(true) Loves to lead and to be led. (to your bedroom, honey) Loves to dream. (what’s the name of my website?) Talented in the arts, music and defense. (music) Sensitive but not petty. (I am too sensitive) Poor resistance against illnesses. (cough, cough) Learns to relax. (I wish) Hasty and trusty. (Good ole trusty me) Romantic. (you should experience it firsthand) Loving and caring. (Once you have my love & care, you will come back for lots more) Loves to make friends. (You can never have too many friends)

Fruitcake & Wine Season

I’m kinda surprised that this year I haven’t had the chance to feast, on the “delicious”, and I use that term lightly, food of fruitcake and homemade wine. Every year around this time, I get my share of fruitcake shoved into my face (some of it goes into my nostrils as there’s too much cake being pushed to me) and as much as I despise the stuff, I am supposed to grin and bear it! Why?

I dunno about other places but in Kerala all Christian households tend to buy or make this cake and stock it during the last 3 weeks of the year and into the New Year as well. And then there is wine!

I’m wish it were the good stuff, the really good wine that you can get. I’ve had some excellent red & white wine when I was in Bangalore many years ago. It came from a vineyard that actually bottled the stuff and sells it. It was really good. You can get some good wine in a couple of places here in Kochi but I haven’t really experimented with it as of yet.

The wine that is given at Christmas is the homemade variety, not the beautiful looking wine you see in a glass in this picture here, and boy is it bitter! But you really can’t say no to all of it, you have to have some. And they serve it in sickly looking plastic cups that u normally serve coffee in at offices. Or they bring to you while you are in a hospital bed! And its ruby red (I couldn’t find an image) and burns a bit. And I always have to rush to the toilet after a couple of those glasses!

the waterboy movie So if I don’t get any this year I wouldn’t complain. Although that fruitcake is looking mighty tasty to me right now! And I could go for a glass of wine!

My Santa Claus Wallpaper

All around in the houses, offices, schools, websites, blogs, MySpace sites etc, I see images, backgrounds & wallpapers of Christmas related themes, images of Christ, his mom, some angels, snowmen, candles, wrapped gifts, Christmas trees, snow, Santa Claus on a roof, Santa near a chimney, Santa carrying a huge sack of toys, Santa sitting in a chair, Santa giving presents to little kids, Santa in his sleigh pulled by his reindeers and Santa with his helpers. Whew that is too much to take!

Anyway, check out what Santa related wallpaper I now have on my pc and which I intend to have till New Year’s Eve!

This wallpaper is originally uploaded by Fanton-XP. Click on the image for a full size one and download to your system if you want to! I know you do ;)


Something I found on a blog that I just discovered 2 days ago – I’ve not worked them out to see if all correct, but it sure looks like it at first glance!

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

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When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:


When you rearrange the letters:

Heatley On A Roll

After their 7 game losing slump, the Ottawa Senators have been on a roll winning 5. First it was the match against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Sens won 4-1 with both Jason Spezza & Dany Heatley scoring two goals. Spezza, coming off a three-point night in a 6-0 win at Carolina on Wednesday, scored the go-ahead goal early in the third period on a power play as the Senators rallied from a 1-0 deficit to close out a 4-0-1 road trip. Senators goalie Martin Gerber turned aside 26 of 27 shots. Captain Daniel Alfredsson scored his 800th point on an assist for Spezza’s first goal.

Then Heatley scored twice again, and Antoine Vermette had a goal and two assists in the Senators’ 7-3 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers on Saturday night. Nick Foligno, Chris Kelly, Joe Corvo and Andrej Meszaros also scored for the Senators, who played their first home game in two weeks. Spezza had two assists. It was special for Heatley to score a brace against his former team. Gerber made his second straight start for Ottawa and wasn’t tested often as the Thrashers had only six shots in each of the first two periods. He was busier in the third when the Thrashers had 13 shots and enjoyed nearly four minutes of 5-on-3 power-play time.

I’ve Trained World Leaders

I’ve trained world leaders or now former world leaders, two of whom are dead. That’s right! These people, who controlled nations and millions & millions of people and had so much power, attended my class sessions. On process & product and preprocess. Who are these world leaders?

Clinton, Lenin & Yasar Arafath!

No kidding, all from India. One from Fort Kochi, one of Kalamassery and one from the great district of Malapurram.

Shark Tooth Vodka

I decided to try a different brand of Vodka today to add to the ones that I have tried (White Mischief, Muscovy, Romanov, Absolut & Smirnoff). So after my shopping, I went to have a couple of drinks & lunch at my usual bar. They had Shark Tooth vodka and I was itching to try it. I do not like their dumb ad (since you can’t advertise any alcohol on Indian television, they are calling it Shark Tooth cassettes & cds or something) but the name of the brand is so like something that I would name an alcoholic drink if it were up to me. Shark tooth is a smooth vodka, a little heavier on the alcohol percentage (not sure how much as there is hardly any info online about the drink and I haven’t seen a bottle up close yet) but it still packs a potent punch. It goes down smoother than the very tough Muscovy & White Mischief but its no contest to Smirnoff or Absolut. Still its good enuff and I will try it again soon. Cheers!

Grand Slam Sunday

Today was a very special Sunday as far as football and the English Premier League is concerned. Two matches, 4 giants of the game. Liverpool vs Manchester United & Arsenal vs Chelsea on the same night shown live on tv! Can’t ask for more than that if you are a football fan. Ok, so Manchester United went to Liverpool hoping to get a win and go top of the League. The two teams went at each other and Man U came out on top, winning on a solitary Carlos Tevez goal. Liverpool tried to get back into the game and although it was an entertaining match, the Red failed ton draw or win at home. Manchester went 2 points ahead of Arsenal.

That set the night for a showdown at Arsenal’s home stadium against their local London rivals Chelsea. The Blues lineup looked to be setting up for a draw but they played anything but like that. Arsenal were looking to come back from their first lost in the League at Middlesborough and to regain the league’s top post. In an exciting game, Arsenal won by a header by William Gallas. There were so  many chances for both sides and in the first half Arsenal dominated and should had scored a couple more goals. Chelsea regrouped to put up a fighting chance and troubled their cross town rivals but could not stop the Gunners from winning their first game against Chelsea in 4 seasons. So Arsenal lead the league by a single point.

Buying Gifts

I almost decided to just stay inside today and lazed around while reading but I had to go to buy a couple of gifts. One for my christmas buddy or secret santa as they call it in my current company. You know, where you select a person at random by picking a name out of a box filled with all employee names and you have to buy that person a gift for Christmas and leading up to that point you have to leave little notes for that person. And I also had to buy two small gifts for the trainees who performed the best and who will graduate and be given their certificates on Monday. When I checked in the office on Saturday afternoon, we had run out of the gifts that we had bought in advance.

So I headed out in the afternoon towards Shenoys and tried to find a gift shop. The H.P petrol bunk just after Music World has an Archies franchise within their facility and it looked like a good place to find some gifts. So in I went but their selection in my budget range was very weak. There were some good things on their shelfs but most were very pricey. I found a gift for my christmas buddy; an African thingy and finally had to settle for some globes in a pyramid as the gifts for the trainees.

But the service over there sucked! They have such morons running the place – the guy at the counter looked like he hadn’t bathed and had his shirt mostly unbuttoned. Another goof was so inept at wrapping the gifts that after 20 minutes I went to enquire “Can I get them this century?” It still took those numbnuts an additional 15 minutes. And they messed the wrapping so badly. They were also responding rudely to a group of teenagers who hadn’t done or said anything wrong. Assholes!!

Welcome To The Jungle!!

A teacher in Connecticut, working after school hours, got scared when she thought she heard someone threatening her with the words “You’re in the jungle baby. You’re gonna die” coming out of the public address system. So she barricaded herself in a classroom and called for the cops.

State police found out that 3 students were practicing karaoke after school and they were playing around on the public address system, thinking that no one else was around. They were singing the Guns n’ Roses song Welcome To The  Jungle, which contains the above mentioned line. Six troopers and three police dogs showed up and found three teenagers, the teenagers were cuffed for about 15 minutes while police investigated. They didn’t realize anyone else was in the school at the time. No charges will be filed.

What does Axl Rose think?

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Reunion Of The 3

It’s been a while since Madhu, Anil & myself have been able to get together for some drinks & dinner. When Anil called me while I was at the office, I was unable to answer at first since I was kinda busy. Three calls later I answered and he reminded me that we had spoken a couple of days earlier about getting together. I wasn’t sure if I could get there in time but I just had to see my best friends. By 7:40 pm, I left the office and headed out to the Executive Bar in Park Regency Hotel in Kalamassery.

There I met Madhu, who was standing outside the entrance with his helmet in his hand. Anil had reached earlier but had gone to the ATM a kilometer away. We chatted outside for a little while until Anil made it back and the headed in. As usual it was 8pm whiskey for Madhu, Bijoys brandy for Anil & Romanov vodka for me. We had a lot of snacks – peanuts, 2 chili beef & 2 chili pork. Man the pork was light and crispy and very, very tasty. As mentioned earlier in my blog, I rarely have pork but this was so delicious. We chatted a lot as we drank & ate. The main topic was the girl who has come into Anil’s life!

Madhu filled me in on the details – there’s this girl that Anil & Madhu have known for around a year. She works at the same office as they do but is a bit younger than Anil. She is a quite sort, not very vocal and Anil mostly speaks to her over the phone. From the description, she sounds like very sweet and has good morals. Perfect for a life partner. And she has stated that she is interested in Anil. Which is the surprise part! How can that asshole get a nice, decent girl like her?

Anyway, he likes her too and is interested in marrying her. He has spoken to his mother about it and she has even seen & met the girl. His family is eager to get Anil’s hairy old ass married but this bugger is too chicken to seal the deal, so to speak! He is afraid of what if it won’t work out, when he approaches her folks! She is interested and he is interested but he is scared of going to the next step and getting things sorted and ready. He says he needs 4 to 5 months!

And this is the same jerk-off who keeps pressurizing me to find a girl and get married, every fucking time we speak on the phone or meet in person!!!!!

Now the tables have turned butt-face, you on the other side of the barrel. Madhu & I will see if we can get you married and settled in a couple of months. Watch out, your days as a carefree bachelor are numbered, my friend!

Foc – Rodrigo Y Gabriella

Foc was the debut album of flamenco-rock guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriella, a blend of latin, rock, metal, jazz, classical & funk performed by just two people with a guitar each. The album title is Foc, the Catalan word for fire, intense and smoldering, just like the duo when they trade guitar licks with one another. The duo started busking on the streets of Mexico, their native land, and then moved to Ireland and earned a reputation as a must see act. was homage to the people and places they encountered on their travels with titles ranging from English, Danish, Spanish and Catalan. You have tracks like One, which is a Metallica cover. The duo are huge fans of Metallica and this isn’t the only song that they have covered, with great aplomb.

You have the ballad 30 de Marzo and Paris which are a diversion from their usual frentic pace of guitar solos & riffs as their fingers glide across the fretboards in a more relaxed manner. Foc & Diem are standout tracks for me, as is Temple Bar. Georges Street The Tartar Frigate, New One & Take 5 round out this album, which only disappoints in the short duration. Otherwise, its a fun album.

Sens 6 Carolina 0

So much for the slump, Ottawa played at their very best to scorch 6 goals past the Carolina Hurricanes in an away match. After losing 7 games in a row, the Sens have now won 3 on the road. The team leading the East went to a 2 goal lead within 6 minutes, Dany Heatley & Mike Fisher scoring less than 5 minutes apart. Jason Spezza also scored in the 1st period. Heatley added a second goal in the 3rd period, his 15th overall goal sandwiched between the scores by Shean Donavon and Dean McAmmond. Spezza also had 2 assists.

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download black snake moan In goal Ray Emery saved one shot before injuring his hip and was replaced by Martin Gerber. The former Hurricanes goalie saved 31 shots to complete the shut out for Ottawa. Tomorrow the Sens play Pittsburgh.