Back After a 2 Day Break

Well I’m back here and back online after a gap of almost 2 days. On Wednesday morning my connection was disconnected as I hadn’t paid the bill and forgot the date. By noon I called up the collection executive from my ISP, Tata Indicom broadband, and he said that he wasn’t able to come to my area that day, but that he would arrange for my connection to get fixed. Late afternoon as I was napping my connection was reconnected. I came online by 6:15 pm after a long cold shower and some coffee. By 7pm the connection was down again – one of Tata Indicom’s frequent “local server down” issues. It doesn’t affect the entire city just certain areas. Usually I fall in that area – come on, why am I so lucky?

I waited for 30 minutes to see if the connection would go back up but as it didn’t I called up the customer care and tried to lodge a complaint. It seems that they were having connectivity issues at their call center as well; my call kept getting dropped and each time I try again, someone would say sorry. Anyway, I almost yelled at one of their reps – apparently the problem is a “known issue” so he cannot raise a complaint! I asked, why did the previous guy say that he was raising a complaint just before the call dropped? “Oh sir, he is new and he must not know that you can’t raise a complaint ticket for a known issue”! WTF? I cut the phone down as I didn’t want to talk to that rude idiot.

Thursday, after I made the payment, I called them up twice and they kept telling me that the problem would be fixed. “When?” “As soon as possible!” OK! By 5pm the problem was fixed but guess what—they had a cable cut near my apartment and hence…. I…. am…. not…. fucking…. getting…. the….. internet! A tech guy called me up after 6:30 pm last evening and said that because of that I would only get my connection up by this morning! Grrr, I called up their call center to lodge another complaint. Then this morning I checked again – no internet! I called up their call center and got this rude, idiotic asshole who couldn’t understand what I was trying to tell him. He kept telling me that the problem was solved and that I am facing a new complaint for which he had to raise a fresh complaint, no matter how many times I kept telling him that sonny boy, I raised a fresh complaint last evening when I came to know about the cable cut. I finally raised my voice quite loudly and almost started swearing. I don’t like using bad words against call center agents but that jerk was asking for it!

Finally by 2pm today my connection is active again! What lousy service!

Update: 80 minutes after I got the connection back, their service went down….again! It came back 2 hours later.

4 thoughts on “Back After a 2 Day Break

  1. Welcome back! I find that most times these days customer service really needs to be in air quotes, because it is really anything but. If your problem doesn’t fit into their script it’s ‘not their problem’ and no one takes initiative. I guess that’s what happens when you quotas are tickets closed instead of customers helped.

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