Back To Work, New Year, Same Ole Grind!

Well it’s Monday and the 2nd of January. Ugh! Guess I have to go to work. Well these bills and food won’t just magically pay itself I guess. Like I have stated before we don’t get any time off really during the holiday period here in India, other than the actual day. Like if Christmas or New Year’s Day was on a weekday then yes we get the day off (depending on what work you do). Otherwise, like this past month it’s just the weekend since both these days fell on a Sunday.

I just read a note on a vlogger’s Community tab that she is taking a week off to unwind since she did work and make vlogs during the last week and many before that hence she needs to relax. I wish we could do that too. Funny enough I have had quite a bit of time of this past month but recovering in a hospital for a week and then at home isn’t what I think off as time off. Yes I did get to relax quite a bit at home the week that I was at home post the hospital stay but that isn’t the ideal thing. To have some fun and be with relatives, go out and shop or spending time with your loved ones is what I do miss.

So anyway off to work I go in another 4 hours or so. I am going to be doing a 4:30 pm to 1:30 am shift. That’s actually not too bad. But again I will have to take 2 to 3 days to adjust to these timings again as for the past 3 weeks I wasn’t staying up that late. So let’s see how it goes. Also we may be working from home once again, maybe starting the middle of January. That will be good as I save a lot more money that way. I am dependent on Uber but it is expensive.

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