Batch # 47

This is for the 17 kids who were in my Preprocess batch from the 22nd of October to the 26th of October. After those 5 days that they spent with me, they went to spend 15 days (not counting Sundays) with their Product & Process trainer and then went for their assessments. They came out with flying colours and we are so proud of them. I was so happy about these guys & girls and I feel so special to have been part of such a group. I kept on meeting these kids and wished them well.

I think that they are a fabulous bunch! They have to be, cause they went along with all my crap, with smiles on their faces. I had a ball. I was the one enjoying all the time that I spent with them. I didn’t want to let them go as I had gotten so attached to them and I think they got attached to me. But I have to wish them well and watch from the shadows as they go about their daily work. I want them to do really well and I hope that they do. I’m sure that they will. So as I start other batches I find myself comparing the new ones to Batch # 47. It’s not fair but that’s just the way it is.

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