Be Careful What You Wish For

A cowboy was riding on his horse when he saw a rattlesnake. He took out his shotgun to kill it when, astonishingly the snake spoke and said “Please don’t kill me sir. Let me go in peace and in return you shall have 3 wishes as I am a magical snake”!

The cowboy was skeptical but still said “Ok. I wish for Brad Pitts looks as a 29 year old, a body like Arnold in his prime and for the 3rd wish well….. I want my sexual organ to be hung like this horse here!” The snake agreed and said by morning the wishes would come true. The snake went away and the cowboy went back home and had dinner but although he was too excited to go to sleep he finally collapsed on his bed.

The next morning as soon as he woke up he went to the bathroom mirror and washed his face – his now handsome face just like a 29 year old Brad Pitt! Excited he checked his body – rippling, bulging muscles just a young Arnold and a V shaped frame. Finally he removed his pajama bottom, trembling with excitement, looked down and cried “Oh shit, fuck! I forgot I was riding Mary Sue yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!”

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