Beating The Heat (It’s Currently Winning)

After such long wait we finally got some rain this evening. I think that the monsoon is late and was very disappointed as the heat has  been terrible these past few weeks. Every day is like living inside a furnace or a microwave or a gas stove. Perfect weather for cold, cold beers but what happens once you stop drinking inside of a air conditioned bar? You step outside and get hit by the blast of hot air. I think last night was the worst I’ve felt since moving to the main part of the city from the suburban parts of Thrikkakara.

Last night it was sweltering! I felt that I was going to melt off, leaving me with just my bones and perhaps some skin. I had taken a shower at 7:00 pm and didn’t want to leave the shower even for a minute. As I came outside and got some of my things I started sweating and I would have killed just to get an ice cold drink at that moment. I sat down and waited for the hot air to dissipate and opened up the windows. It didn’t work and so I did the only thing that I could at that moment – I jumped back into the shower and took another one! This time, once I came out, it was a little better but it was still hot. I applied some prickly heat powder in my private areas (I’ll let your imagination get the better of you) used deodorant and changed. I left the apartment and went to get some cold coffee and a bite to eat and felt better as the cold creamy goodness hit me.

After that it was time to get to the Kaloor bus stand and buy some food to go (I eat dinner quite late these days) and wait for my bus. Night bus rides are awesome, man I so enjoy it. I board the bus at 9pm, sit by the window, wear my BlackBerry headsets and listen to music as the evening breeze washes over me as I go on the hour long journey to the office.

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