Beckham To Move To MLS

Biggest news from the sporting world today (and probably for this week) is the predicted signing of David Beckham to the Los Angeles Galaxy of the Major League Soccer. The American club will get their international superstar at the end of the current season as Beckham’s contract with Real Madrid ends in June 2007. The former England captain is only being used as a substitute in this season for Madrid and is probably a little frustrated with the lack of playing time with the Spanish giants. His time with Madrid has been disappointing to say the least, only briefly showing the flashes of brilliance that he is known for. To make matters worse he was also dropped from the England squad by national coach Steve McLaren. This was a truly devastating blow for Becks as he has always been proud to represent his nation and countrymen. The new deal with LA seems to be for 5 years and at 31 he is still young enough to play for another 5 years. Certainly in the US atleast! The deal will cost the American club nothing; a far cry from the 23 million pounds that Real shelled out to get a hold of Beckhamania in July 2003.

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His move to Madrid was spurred on by a tiff with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. There is the thought that he moved to Madrid as his wife, Victoria “Posh” Beckham” wanted to live in a more glamorous city than Manchester. For that the already maligned Posh was hated even more by true Man Utd fans. Now the world over football fans are gonna hate her even more; a world class player @ only 31 years old going to play in the US! It’s like a desperate attempt to milk some more money. Sure, David’s glamour image is gonna cause more that the normal share of flashbulbs to start clicking but come’ on! Who are you kidding? She wants to live in America and Los Angeles to further her career (what career) and he meekly follows. Who wears the pants in that relationship? A waste of a great talent!

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