Bedtime Routine

What is your bedtime routine?

Nothing too elaborate. Usually after dinner, which is usually anything between 8 pm and 10 pm, I usually am found at my laptop and browsing Youtube. When it’s finally time for me to lie down, not sleep, but lie down, then I usually go first to the kitchen and fill my bottle of water and bring it back to my bedroom. Maybe I add some ice in the water as well, if it’s a been a little hot n humid.

I usually then check and see what movie I can watch from my collection, digital download or live stream options (of which I have several now). Having selected a movie or perhaps tv series episode, I then take off all my clothes (oh yeah, we’re getting saucy here) and lock my door and then settle in bed before playing the movie on my tv. Usually my phone is with me so I even check a few things online, usually about the movie or actors I am watching. Sometimes I get notifications from Facebook or Whatsapp and check them out.

A couple of hours or so after I get to bed it will then be actual sleep time. I switch off the tv, switch off the laptop (if it is still on), take off my glasses and keep them on the laptop desk, switch the lights off and get back in bed and between the covers and drift off to la la land.

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