Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

I never had a book that I read before I went to sleep as a kid. I read a lot of comics and no one ever read a story to me when I was a kid to make me go to sleep. However, ever since I became an adult or atleast by the age of 22-23, I have had this story in my head. I think about it before I go to bed and it’s last thing I think before I drift off into dreamland.

I dream and day dream of my futuristic world set 7000 years in the future, where mankind along with most of the animals and birds have relocated to 10 large planets and 7 moons in a distant star system. Everyone gets along because man’s needs and most wants are met. Everyone has a nice home to call their own, money is no longer an issue and food and drink is a plenty and every cat and dog have their own family and home to take care of them.  The rest of the animal kingdom have enclosed natural habitats with protection so they are out of danger and man will not encroach on them either.

Illness & diseases have been wiped away. No accidents, medical care is easily available to all and people work to better themselves and to gain knowledge and because they enjoy it and want to work – not for money or in a rat race. Space exploration is as easy as getting into a car and driving to another city – longer ofcourse and in a starship. People take vacations by going to another planet or moon and exploring. Suits are available to protect you from the elements on other worlds. We are out there, making friends with other alien races and avoiding ones that are hostile. It seems like a wonderful time to be in. And I want that!

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