Been A Shitty Day @ Work

Not a good day to be an HOD in the office. Issues at the office has been escalated to the higher level and the GM got involved. He basically sent us an email asking for us to be available for a video conference at 3pm, which then got moved to a 5pm slot. He then proceeded to blast us – HODs of Ops, Quality, WFM & Training (me).

He knows that there are personal & professional issues within us and we have been told on many occassions to stop all that and work as a team. Problem is that Ops wants everything their way and WFM is like Ops pet dog. That leaves Quality & Training. We have to fight to get things done and many a times we don’t get to do what we are supposed to do only because of the incapabilities of the others. And we bear the brunt of it!

Damn this rubbish!!

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