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I can’t remember when but I remember this person telling me about work & the employer that you are working for. He said that you should try and do your best to be noticed and appreciated and use everything you can, within reason, to make yourself be noticed and make yourself invaluable.

However, he also said, remember that you are disposable. Any corporate office may same some kind things about you if you die all of a sudden or are incapacitated. But your position will be filled and you will be long forgotten before you the fire of your funeral pyre dies out naturally. So be loyal but never be that loyal.

These words have always stuck with me. Loyalty is earned and yes, be grateful for what you get and the job you have but always look out for yourself. After all, like a colleague of mine once said to the GM who asked him, “Is money everything? What about loyalty?” when he quit to join another organization that would pay him a lot more for the same kind of job he was doing, he replied – “I work for money. If you want loyalty, get yourself a German Sheppard”!


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