Biggest Regret When It Comes To Music & Living In India

Either a concert you went to and loved or never went to and regret missing

One of my biggest regrets is that I have not been able to go and see any of my favourite musical artists live in concerts. One of the main reasons is ofcourse that I live in Cochin, India and international bands have not ever come here at all. They have had a few great rock acts come and perform in India but it;s usually one of the big 6 metro cities or somewhere up in the North East that has a huge rock music fanbase.

Money is another challenge as I could have gone for some in recent years but the cost of going to say Bangalore and booking a hotel plus travel costs have all put me off trying to go and see the bands live. Bangalore was the first city in India where internationally popular rock groups Opeth,¬†Iron Maiden,¬†The Rolling Stones,¬†Bryan Adams,¬†Scorpions,¬†Sting,¬†Aerosmith,¬†Elton John,¬†Deep Purple,¬† Metallica,¬† Slayer,¬† Megadeth, among various other heavy metal groups performed live for the first time in India. out of these I wouldn’t have gone to see the Rolling Stones (maybe) and I have no interest in Opeth but the others – hell ya!

Bon Jovi, Mr. Big, Firehouse, Guns N Roses, Carlos Santana, Simple Plan, Dream Theatre, Mark Knopfler & Joe Satriani have all also been here and it irks me that I haven’t been able to see these artists. For all that rock & metal music means to me, not being able to have seen even a few of these artists live it saddens me.

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