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I haven’t been blogging much about the weather have I? It’s been raining a whole lot the past 3 days. The entire weekend I stayed back at home and every time I thought that the sun was finally going to come out and give us some heat, he would dart back again behind some clouds like the sissy that he is. More rain, wind & cold.

This morning was so windy and cold. And in the evening it’s like it was waiting for me to get out of the office (I stayed back for an extra 80 minutes) and then it poured down like it meant business. It was quit windy and my umbrella was getting bent outta shape and so once I got down from the bus, I ducked into a small restaurant and decided to wait until the rain died down a bit. I ate dinner there, noodles and chicken (yum), and then walked back home.

At the office we all got our new offer letters post the annual appraisals. I’m finally getting the kind of pay that I should have got….ages ago! I blame myself for losing out. And I’m not happy that some of my team members haven’t got better. They do work very hard and they deserve a lot more.

I’m feeling very lonely, especially during the evenings and night. I’m gonna turn 34 in 2 weeks and I haven’t found anyone yet. All this teasing of me with a colleague is only making me feel even more depressed. I’m starting to long and I’m starting to yearn. And look longing at women around me…..oh wait, I do that all the time!

2 thoughts on “Blogging & Longing

  1. You have plenty of time to find that special lady – enjoy your freedom while you can! You know us women never stop talking and nagging! lol

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