Blogging Plans

What’s your process for planning blog posts?

To be honest in most of the cases, I do not plan anything. I either look for a prompt, like this one, or if something comes up from what I read, heard or thought up. Sponsored posts are something else altogether. Some of my posts, the minority, do take some planning and I will tell you about them.

So let’s say that I am asked to blog about a certain topic and I need to do some research. I type out what I think will be the heading or blog post title. Then I check out various sources online and find the details that I need. I will also google for an image that represents the topic that I am writing about. For me I like a nice image with some colours that pop or the pic looks really good.

At the end of it if I need to place a few links to sources or website that offer more details then I will do that as well. At the end of it I will do a bit of editing to make sure that the spacing of all paragraphs are done to my liking. And that’s about. I click on Pubish and we are off.


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