Books You Want To Read This Fall/Autumn

Oh boy! Where do I start? Atleast till my early 30s. I was the bookworm. I read a lot, mostly fiction with the off biography and I also read a lot about some history and things. As a youngster I loved comics and could spends hours with a bunch of them. As I turned 14-15 I turned to novels and read a lot each months. I liked to read as much as I could. People found it easy to give me gifts; they just needed to get me some books.

The last book I have read was in 2017 and I enjoyed that book a lot. Before that it was probably in 2010. Since then only 1 full novel in 12 years. Oh man! That would be unthinkable when I was younger. I had 3 libraries that I went to a couple of times a month just to go and get some books to read. Sometimes Archies or Tintin or Asterix comics or even Nancy Drew/Famous Five & Hardy Boys until my late teens and then most novels with the odd Archies throw in until my mid 20s.

Then onwards I only read novels and Stephen King, Michael Chrichton, Anne Rice, Sydney Sheldon and others being among my favourites. Not having read any novels in a long, long time I think I would like to start slow and get atleast one book in during the next 2-3 months. Hehehe, that is a big change from the years gone by but let’s try small for now. So I have just placed an order for this novel, Elevation by Stephen King, which I haven’t read yet. So I look forward to getting it this Saturday and perhaps reading it during the weekend.


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