Boredom Busters As Kids? What’s That?

Share your favorite boredom busters for kids

I can honestly say this; as a kid I was rarely bored. For most of my childhood, until I was 16 we didn’t even have cable tv! Internet/broadband came to India around 1996 when I was 20 but it would be another 10 years before I actually got a connection at home. So until then when did us kids do? Well for one we had a fun time at home and when we had our days off we had fun times with our cousins.

During the evenings and weekends, I read or played music. We only had two tv channels until cable came in but we rarely got an English movies on it. We did get a handful of tv shows on it but we were dependent on VHS tapes we rent out to watch our movies. That ofcourse was only during the weekends; my sister and I would pick them up on Friday evening and then watch a couple during the weekend. And I read a lot and we had membership at a couple of libraries and ofcourse we also had our own little collection of novels.

And ofcourse music. We both loved music a lot and my sister and I each had our own stereo systems and walkmans. I played mostly rock and blues while she was more pop. But with all of that who had time to get bored?

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF JULY WRITING PROMPTS at The Sits Girls

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