Born to Be With You

Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

No I do not have one. I wish I did. At times I thought I had found her. I never have any luck in this department. Not that I have the best of luck in other areas either. But I guess I am destine to be alone and never find the one that will be with me. I have been in love before and I have had love given to me. I have been in a relationship or two but it has been a very long time since. And it is lonely.

I’ve recently fallen for a young lady, a girl really. She is quite younger than me. I never meant for it to happen but over several months I met her and got to know her and become really close and I feel like I shouldn’t have fallen for her especially with the age difference but it happened. And I have been even more lonely because of that. Knowing that I can not do anything about it was tough; telling her how I felt about it has been even tougher. I wasn’t expecting anything from it but I just felt that I had to, to explain some of my actions. I adore her and I feel bad about it.

I guess it means that I will never learn. Another heartache comes and I know it will eventually go away. But the hurt will still remain and so will the loneliness. Of wishing that it would happen for me someday. I guess it won’t and that hurts a lot. I hope that someday I can find myself not caring anymore- it would make things so much more easier.

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