Brown's Immigrant Bill

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had brought forth a Citizenship & Immigration bill which will force all migrants to first learn English and also undertake community work before being granted citizenship. This was made public at Brown’s first “Queen” speech on Tuesday, as he put immigration, housing & terrorism at the heart of his speech on the rising aspiration of the British People.

This is an attempt to ensure that only those immigrants, who have the right motives at heart and is willing to adjust & contribute to his/her new country, gain the right to be called British citizens. I know that some will scream ‘racism’ at this new bill. But think about it

Would you want people to come & live here in India and ignore the culture around them? I’m not talking about tourists. Would you like a foreigner to come here and spend the rest of his life here without learning the local language, learning to adjust to the customs here a bit atleast? I sure wouldn’t like it one bit if that happened here.

But can you force it in a bill?

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