Bru – Coffee For Me

Which is the most popular coffee brand in the world? To most people’s minds, the answer popping up automatically could be Nescafe. Many years ago, when I first started drinking coffee regularly, Nescafe was a staple at my house. Around the early 90s or so we switched to the Indian brand Bru and I pretty much prefer it. Bru is instant coffee and it’s a fine powder and over the years I guess I have just gotten used to the taste. I drink coffee with sugar & milk (not cream) but usually if I’m making it, I drink black with sugar. That’s mostly because I’ m too lazy to boil milk or heat it up if it’s cold from the fridge.

We recently bought some Nescafe as Bru wasn’t available and although it has a nice aroma, I just can’t get used to the taste. Also I just can’t seem to make a good cup of coffee with it. I can’t seem to get the measurement of how much coffee powder to use for my cup. In the case of Bru, I could do it in my sleep but with Nescafe I just can’t  get it right. I either put too much and the coffee is too strong & bitter and I have to either add milk or more sugar or it’s too light and I have to add more coffee powder. It’s just too hard. And on the rare occasions when I do get it right, it’s like a huge achievement – comparable to climbing Mt. Everest! I fist pump the air, give a hi-5 to anyone who happens to be nearby and shout “hallelujah!”

So I’m gonna stick with Bru? What’s your favourite brand of coffee?

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